Things To Do in Hutto: Family-Friendly Activities

Things To Do in Hutto
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Parents are always looking for the best way to spend time with their family. The best case scenario is when everyone can have a good time, especially the Little Ones. If you’re a Texas resident, welcome to AEA’s guide of best things to do in Hutto (TX)!

What’s so special about Hutto (TX)?

Firstly, when in Hutto, you’re also at the Hippo Capital of Texas. Sounds odd? There’s a great reason for this special title!

One of the local legends tells that it all started in 1915: a circus hippo escaped into the town, creating quite a stir among the residents. The telegram sent to warn the nearby train stations of the animal on the loose said “Stop trains! Hippo loose in Hutto”. This was enough to transform the hippo as a local mascot.

Today, the city proudly celebrates this unique piece of history with hundreds of hippo statues scattered throughout the town.

Things to do in Hutto

Explore a few of the best options of entertainment at Hutto and also in the near!


A 30 minute car ride is all it takes to get from Hutto to the state capital. While in Austin, spending time at the Thinkery is not only a great program for families looking for time together, but also a place where learning becomes a fun experience for toddlers and preschoolers.

This is a museum with lots of galleries that welcomes visitors with interactive exhibits. Children get to experiment what it feels like learning about motion, gravity or healthy food choices in a very hands-on approach

Everyone can have fun at Thinkery, because the place also has facilities age-appropriate for the youngest visitors, ranging from 0 to 3 years old! A great way to make the Little Ones spend their energy!

Old Town

To find the heart of Hutto, head downtown! You’ll find a historic district packet with charm and lots of character. 

Families get to hang around the area not only enjoying the picturesque architecture from the 1800s, but also exploring Hutto Commercial Historic District – where you’ll find a delightful collection of unique restaurants and shops. Not bad for a family day out!

Hutto’s local parks

If you have a kid, it’s likely that you’ll enjoy seeing them run their way out in the outdoors. Hutto has just the place for that!

At Creekside Park, families can enjoy picnics at one of the many picnic sites or let the kids have fun at the well-equipped playground. For those who love sports, practice fields are available for rent, making it easy to organize a game of soccer or baseball.

Looking for another outdoor option for a quick escape from daily routines? Hutto Lake Park is a picturesque 39-acre located near the Lakeside Estates neighborhood. Its facilities include a basketball court for a quick game, a boat launch dock for some water fun, and a pavilion for shaded relaxation.

Sweet Eats

Another perfect opportunity to pick up the car and drive the whole family to a day with high doses of cuddling and nature.

Sweet Eats is located in Georgetown, about 13 miles from Hutto. In this 15 acre property, families are set with festivals and events throughout the year.

Here’s a few of the attractions that families can enjoy at Sweet Eats: face painting, animal feeding, playtime with rope swings, slides and obstacle course. pony rides, pig races, petting zoo. Also, visitors can pick fruit and only pay for what they pick!

From loose hippos to a charming downtown and educational leisure close to the city, now you’re all equipped with suggestions of things to do in Hutto (TX).

AEA is proud to be part of the Hutto community. We’d love to welcome you into our Hutto unit! Book a free tour and see for yourself how STEAM education can change lives!

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