Exploring Florida: Things To Do In Trinity With Kids And Family

things to do in trinity
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There’s no question that Florida is one of the best places to live in the US. The Sunshine State offers quality of life due to its rich and diverse culture, beachy weather and family vibes. Want to explore more about Florida? Keep reading and find out the best things to do in Trinity!

A little background on Trinity (FL)

Even if you’re a resident in Trinity, understanding a little about its origins could be part of the experience of belonging to this community. Time to learn!

Trinity is considered a part of the New Port Richey area. The city is known for its family-friendly atmosphere (which makes even more sense after you learn about its foundation), well-planned neighborhoods, and abundance of amenities. The community features a mix of residential developments, schools, parks, and commercial areas, making it a popular choice for families and professionals alike.

Its quite recent history goes back to 1980, when an eye surgeon named James Gills bought many acres from an area that was then managed by another important group – the Starkey family.

Inspired by the Holy Trinity, Dr. Gills chose the name “Trinity” to represent his vision for a community built on the pillars of family, faith, and education, resulting in the core values of this budding neighborhood.

Discovering things to do in Trinity

Since this is such a small community, mainly dedicated to fit their residents’ basic needs, it’s only natural that some of the best things to do in Trinity go a little further than the city limits.

Keep reading to find out some great options to spend time with your family!

Starkey Wilderness Preserve

Divided in three tracts, Starkey Wilderness Preserve is famous for its natural life and outdoor activities – such as bicycling, camping, hiking and even equestrian.

This is a preserved setting, so visitors get to appreciate its natural beauty instead of visiting a place that feels heavily affected by human presence. A great chance to connect your Little One with nature!

SunWest Park

Visitors at the SunWest Park get to enjoy volleyball courts, a wakeboarding park, as well as adapted structures for paddleboarding, swimming, paddleboarding. Make the best of your visit and check out The Lift Adventure Park, with additional resources that allows families to spend a great time together while experiencing adventures on water!

Old McMicky’s Farm

Not to be confused with a petting zoo! Old McMick’s Farm defines themselves as a farm/day camp dedicated to teaching children about farm animals and what farm life is like.

Children get to see and have hands-on interaction with typical farm animals, such as cows, goats, hogs and horses. Not only is the whole family surrounded with a beautiful natural setting, but everyone gets to experience common farm activities such as milking a cow, pony rides and catching chickens!

Sponge Docks

Take a short drive to nearby Tarpon Springs to explore the historic Sponge Docks. The place is well-known by its Greek community and heritage. Not only families get to stroll along the waterfront, visit shops selling sponges and Greek goods, but also enjoy a boat ride to see dolphins, manatees, birds and other historical sights.

It’s worth noting that most of these recommendations are separated by Trinity by a short car ride (likely no more than ~30 minutes).

Now you have a full schedule for things to do in Trinity and surroundings! And if you’re interested in investing in quality of life, there is more good news: we are delighted to be part of the Trinity community! How about scheduling a tour at AEA’s Trinity preschool?

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