1. What is the cost of enrollment?
The enrollment system will first identify if there is a spot for your child and then show the price per week for the chosen program. There are different prices based on age groups and programs. If you decide to take a tour, you may request a price sheet at the location. Go to the enrollment page now to get started.

2. Can I enroll my child on a part-time basis?

Part-time programs are offered 2 days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to 3 days (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) per week. There are limited openings, so please check for availability and refer to the price list for rates.

3. What is the Amazing Explores curriculum?

Amazing Explorers is a pioneer in STEAM curriculum development and testing for the early childhood education industry. Our curriculum places an emphasis on fostering self-identity, forming respectful relationships, collaborative learning experiences, play, discovery and investigation, social learning, and fostering creativity and art-making within the context of STEAM. Every child will learn in a playful manner through STEAM activities with inquiry, play, and projects. Science is the foundation for children learning about their world. At a young age, children need time and encouragement to explore, investigate, and learn in natural ways. Aligned with science, we integrate mathematics, technology, and engineering activities as a general focus of the curriculum. This foundation of STEAM encourages connections with the STEAM fields and a belief that children are confident and able to pursue their own ideas in learning.

Learn more at http://aexplorers.com/curriculum

4. What are the qualifications and requirements to teach at Amazing Explorers?

Our minimum requirements for a lead teacher includes Firs Aid, CPR, Fire Safety and Bloodborne Pathogens certifications, CDA (Child Development Associate) with 45 DCF mandated hours and 20 hours of in-service training in their age group field. (See FAQ: How do you find teacher that are qualified to teach STEM/STEAM?)

5. What are the teacher-student ratios?

Infants class ratio: 1 teacher for every 4 students
1’s class ratio: 1 teacher for every 6 students
2’s class ratio: 1 teacher for every 11 students
3’s class ratio: 1 teacher for every 10 students
4’s class ratio: 1 teacher for every 10 students

6. How do you find teacher that are qualified to teach STEM/STEAM?

Amazing Explorers is a pioneer on STEM/STEAM education for Preschoolers. Teachers are hired based on their qualification (see FAQ: Teachers qualifications and requirements). All teachers must successfully complete the proprietary STEAM INVESTIGATIONS certification process. In order to keep their certifications active, teachers are required to participate in ongoing training through the Amazing Explorers Learning platform.

7. What are the facility’s hours of operation?

The facility is open from Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. Infant room opens from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

8. What if my child is potty training?

We offer potty training for children 2 years and older. In order to be transferred to the 3 year old program, the child must be completely potty trained.

9. What meals do you provide?

The program includes lunch and snacks. Breakfast is not provided.

10. Do you offer any extracurricular activities?

Our program offers many extracurricular activities that are already part of the curriculum, such as the Digital Atelier (art and technology department), music and movement classes (Geomotion), foreign languages, sign languages, science labs, STEAM classes, and STEAM Labs.

11. What security measures are in place to keep my child safe? ie) finger printing, facility locked, front desk administrator

To enter our reception area, you will be buzzed in by the front desk administrator. Our facility has a fingerprint system for controlled access to the classrooms in the reception area. As a service to its parents, AEA has installed a camera system which allows parents and other family members who have passwords to view their children in their classrooms. This service is offer free of charge to parents.

12. What are the playgrounds going to look like?

Amazing Explorers has developed a unique STEAM natural playground, which blends the STEAM curriculum programs with actual outdoor experiences. Instead of hanging on metal monkey bars and playing on plastic toys, the Amazing Explorer child will continue to develop projects and themes outside of the classroom. The landscape was specifically designed to provide safe challenges that foster balance, promote collaboration and team work and engaged learners through STEAM Play.

13. What ages does your facility house?

Amazing Explorers services children from 0-5 and also offers an after school program for elementary school children.

14. What is your sick policy?

If your child receives a pink slip for the following reasons, he/she will need to be picked up within 45 minutes of you being called. The child will be removed from the classroom and will wait in the Get Well Station.

  • 101+ fever
  • Diarrhea 3x
  • Vomiting
  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)
  • Other

The child may return to the center 24 hours after the symptoms have disappeared without the aid of medication as mandated by state law (65C-22.004) and a DCF Health Requirement.
Pink eye – your child must be on medication for 24 hours before returning to school, unless you have a doctor’s note stating that the child is not contagious.

15. What is your discipline policy?

Children must to be properly reminded of appropriate behavior. Consistency is the key to success. If a child is doing something inappropriate such climbing on a table, this child will be redirected to another activity where they can climb on something safe and appropriate. Our approach follows a program called conscious discipline which teaches children composure, gives them choices and introduces consequences in a positive way..

16. What's your turnover rate?

This will be specific to each school location’s demographics. You may request this information during a tour or calling the school director.

17. How do you sanitized classrooms and toys?

The classroom and toys are cleaned everyday with bleach and water.

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