Winter Springs
Private School Education

Parents want the best for their children, including the best education available in their community. Fortunately, Winter Springs options include the innovative and creative Amazing Explorers Academy.

The program includes a forward-thinking curriculum built on the foundations of STEAM learning — Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It also is centered on the pedagogical approach to early childhood education first developed in Europe that promotes creative, hands-on learning, self-guided exploration, and personal expression.

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Amazing Explorers Winter Springs
Address: 780 E State Rd 434, Winter Springs, FL 32708

Phone: (407) 502-8607

Age: 6 weeks – 12 yrs old

Open: 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Private School Programs

At The Amazing Explorers Academy, children as young as toddlers learn to develop self-identity, social relationships with others, and collaborative learning. When acquired at an early age, these skills can help make children more adaptive, creative, and successful throughout their education and into their adult lives.

Students are guided by highly trained educators who help them learn and grow through a variety of fun and exciting activities. They also learn to inquire, participate in special projects, and even take field trips designed to help them think at a higher level of intelligence and express themselves with inspired creativity.

The Next Generation

The Amazing Explorers Academy is a private school that prepares young children to guide their own future through innovation, creativity, and unprecedented critical thinking skills and collaboration.

Based on the pedagogical Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood learning first developed in Europe and imported to the US for the 21st Century, students are encouraged to explore their own interests and create their own ways of expressing their thoughts and ideas through “non-verbal languages” such as sculpting, playacting, and physical movement.

It’s an innovative, unique approach to early childhood education that yields the highly successful results today’s parents want for their children. For the  private school that is unlike any other, call to make an appointment for you and your child at The Amazing Explorers Academy.

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The Amazing Director

Mrs. Jennifer Estrada

Jennifer Estrada is the Director of Amazing Explorers Academy in Winter Springs. She started in the Early Childhood Education field as an Infant teacher inspired by the time she spent teaching her daughter as a stay at home mom. She went to school to get her CDA and was promoted to the Curriculum Coordinator. She continued to broaden her skills by obtaining the Florida Child Care Director’s Credential and later became the Director of a preschool in Winter Park. Jennifer became a mom to her second daughter Elise in 2017 and decided to stay at home with her for a year and a half. When she was ready to go back to the workforce, she wanted to be a part of Amazing Explorers Academy. Jennifer holds a BS degree in Criminal Justice. She enjoys going to the movies, going to the beach, and spending time with her family. Her hobbies are swimming and running. With over 8 years working with children, Jennifer is still inspired by the things that children can accomplish when given the opportunity and materials along with proper guidance to know that the sky is just the view and not the limit.


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