Top 4 kid-friendly attractions in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville fl
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What does “Florida” take your mind to? Is visiting the crowdest cities the only way to enjoy the Sunshine State? Keep reading to learn more about the very special town of Jacksonville (FL) and its kid-friendly attractions!

Life in Florida also holds advantages for those who live there. Access to highly graded schools, quality of life and cultural diversity are some of its highest points.

With that in mind, there are so many things to do and discover with your family in Florida. As we’ve covered some other cultural activities in other cities from Florida, we now present you to AEA’s guide of attractions in Jacksonville, FL!

A little more about Jacksonville’s Floridian charms

Although Florida might be more popular for other major cities (Orlando, Miami, Tampa Bay), Jacksonville also holds its own charm and many more options of fun things to do with the family.

You don’t have to depend entirely on theme parks – although it’s always fun to take your family to them! – to enjoy your time in Florida. Have a look at how you can make the best of your family time while being in Jacksonville (FL).

Jacksonville has over 22 miles of beaches, making it a popular spot for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing. Since this is the oldest city in Florida, it has a rich history dating back to the 16th century. The city is also known for its affordability when compared to other major cities in Florida, as we’ve listed above.

Things to to in Jacksonville (FL) with the family

You already know Florida holds many options for families. Have a look at some main attractions in Jacksonville and pick your favorite!

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

You can’t possibly plan a family time in Jacksonville and not add the city zoo as a must-see on your list. There are over 2.000 animals from Africa and Americas in this place. Going to the zoo is the perfect opportunity to enjoy outside time with your family while still being awed by natural life.

Museum of Science and History (MOSH)

At AEA, we’re always amazed when we see family attractions that mix entertainment with knowledge. MOSH is the place where kids get to have hands-on experiences while visiting and exploring its attractions. Those are signature and temporary exhibits, so keep an eye on its calendar to schedule your visit.

Parks in Jacksonville

There are plenty of options to choose from the hundreds of parks spreaded around the city of Jax. A few of the most popular options are the Timucuan Preserve, Jacksonville’s biggest park, and Fort Caroline National Memorial, which pays a tribute to the history of colonists from France and the culture that’s been created from their influence. Is a place to both enjoy the time in the outdoors while still learning about America’s past.

Other types of attractions in Jacksonville (FL)

  • Sweet Pete’s (because sugar in moderation makes everyone happy… so why not indulge?);
  • Adventure Landing @ Jacksonville Beach is a hub with various entertainment options, like minigolf, kart, laser tag and so much more!
  • Catty Shack Ranch is a true refugee of endangered big cats. Visitors get to see the beauty of felines and learn about the importance of preserving wildlife.

Visiting local attractions in Jacksonville (FL) is how you create memories and have a great time around who you love. 

We believe that quality of life also translates to making the best choices towards the future, so we invite you to visit Rivertown, the nearest unit of AEA’s daycares from Jax. Waste no time and start building your family’s future now!  

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