Making Friends Is an Important Life Skill

When children are born, they rely on their parents for everything: Food, warmth, safety, even companionship. But as kids get older, it’s important to their social development that they interact with other children their own age. Children with siblings have an advantage when it comes to socialization skills. Being around their brothers and sisters teaches […]

The New Three R’s of Early Childhood Education

There’s an old joke that early education teaches children about the three R’s: Reading, Writing, and ‘Rithmatic. It’s funny because only one of those words actually begins with the letter “R”. But all jokes aside, today’s children face different challenges than existed when that old joke was first told. In an increasingly technological world and […]

Your Child’s Future Starts Today

Compared to adults’ lives, children’s lives are relatively carefree. There are relatively few commitments, deadlines, or worries to cloud kids’ sunny days. Yet children’s futures can be determined when they are still very young. And it’s usually up to their parents to guide them in the right direction. The choices they make for their children […]

Encouraging Social Skills in Children

Social skills are something children learn just as they learn how to talk, walk, read and write. As infants and toddlers, children first learn to socialize with their parents and family members. But as their sphere of experience expands beyond the home, they begin to learn to interact with other people including children their own […]

5 Ways Your 4-Year-Old Can Benefit from Pre-School

The state of Florida offers free pre-school education to every 4-year-old. Unlike elementary school, enrolling your young child in pre-school isn’t mandatory. But it does offer some enormous advantages your child can benefit from throughout their education, their career, and in their personal life. Here are five great reasons to take advantage of Florida’s innovative, […]

How to Apply for Florida’s Free Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program

Florida is one of the few states in the US offering all of its 4-year-old children free access to free pre-kindergarten education. The state’s Voluntary Free PreKindergarten program provides emergent literacy skills — including letter and sound recognition — that can help a child be successful throughout his or her education as well as into […]

Reading Will Always Be a Critical Life Skill

There’s been a lot of conversation lately about the future of reading, specifically books. In an era where anybody can stream anything anywhere at any time on their smartphones or tablets, will there really be a need for books in the not so distant future? Or will they go the way of radio, an archaic […]

STEAM Learning Boosts Creative Thinking Skills

It’s never too early to introduce children to creative ways of thinking. The first few years of life is when children’s brains begin forming learning habits and thought patterns they will carry with them throughout their lives. So the earlier they can be introduced to concepts such as scientific method, art appreciation, and mathematics, the […]