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Back to School: Morning Routines!

I think we can all agree, routines are especially important for children. Routines give children an idea of what to expect, which can create a sense of security and stability in their lives. A good morning routine, even for adults, can set the tone and mood for the whole day!  At Amazing Explorers Academy, we […]

Importance of Early Childhood Educators

Early Childhood Educators include the team devoted to educating our youngest children from birth to five. High-quality early childhood educators can mean the difference between positive child outcomes, and less advanced development. Positive caregiving in childcare settings is found to be one of the strongest predictors of child development. However, NICHD suggests, 30% of childcare […]

How to Help Your Preschooler with Foundational Reading Skills

Nowadays, learning to read starts before kids enter kindergarten. A major part of this particular development depends on the reading culture of the family. Especially, the fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension aspects of reading which can be taught during everyday activities and play. Here are a few engaging activities you can do to prepare your child […]

STEAM Isn’t as Intimidating as It Seems

When visitors learn that The Amazing Explorers Academy utilizes a STEAM-based curriculum in its prekindergarten and daycare programs, the first question they usually ask is, “What is STEAM?” STEAM is an acronym that stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics”, which form the core around which all of our early childhood education programs […]