5 Ways Your 4-Year-Old Can Benefit from Pre-School

The state of Florida offers free pre-school education to every 4-year-old. Unlike elementary school, enrolling your young child in pre-school isn’t mandatory. But it does offer some enormous advantages your child can benefit from throughout their education, their career, and in their personal life. Here are five great reasons to take advantage of Florida’s innovative, […]

How to Apply for Florida’s Free Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program

Florida is one of the few states in the US offering all of its 4-year-old children free access to free pre-kindergarten education. The state’s Voluntary Free PreKindergarten program provides emergent literacy skills — including letter and sound recognition — that can help a child be successful throughout his or her education as well as into […]

Reading Will Always Be a Critical Life Skill

There’s been a lot of conversation lately about the future of reading, specifically books. In an era where anybody can stream anything anywhere at any time on their smartphones or tablets, will there really be a need for books in the not so distant future? Or will they go the way of radio, an archaic […]

STEAM Learning Boosts Creative Thinking Skills

It’s never too early to introduce children to creative ways of thinking. The first few years of life is when children’s brains begin forming learning habits and thought patterns they will carry with them throughout their lives. So the earlier they can be introduced to concepts such as scientific method, art appreciation, and mathematics, the […]

3 Ways to Help Your Child Develop Language Skills

Conversations between children and their teachers and other adults during pre-school and kindergarten are fundamental to their grasp of language. Vocabulary, grammar, and even subtleties of meaning that are learned during these interactions can be carried through during their entire lives. At birth, humans have the physical capacity to make 40 different sounds. As the […]

STEAM Curriculum Prepares Children for the Future

We are living in an increasingly complex world. So the earlier children can be introduced to concepts such as science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics, the more prepared they will be to succeed in the future. The STEAM curriculum offered by Amazing Explorers Academy may sound intimidating to the parents of a pre-schooler. But […]

Outdoor Time Helps Build a Love for Nature

Today, there are many things to keep children indoors. Between streaming movies and TV shows, video games, and other digital distractions, some children may be tempted to spend the entire day indoors without ever stepping foot outside. That’s not always the best approach. If the weather allows, most kids should be encouraged to play outdoors […]

Building A Loving Relationship With Your Children

A loving relationship with you is the most important part of your child’s environment. Tuning in and responding to your child with warmth and gentleness lays the foundations for your child’s development and helps to shape the adult your child will become. Why loving, nurturing relationships are important Children’s relationships shape the way they see […]

Disconnecting Children from Technology

Advice from Amazing Explorers With the summer months around the corner, parents start thinking about activities for their children. Summer is an exciting time to celebrate milestones and pursue other interests. Nevertheless, during the summer months, some children become more dependent on TV, game consoles, or other electronic devices for entertainment. With growing evidence of […]

The STEAM Benefits of St. Patrick’s Day Arts & Crafts

There’s More to Arts & Crafts Than Meets the Eye! The “A” in STEAM stands for “Art,” and every St. Patrick’s Day is a great opportunity for some fun arts and crafts to share with your preschoolers. Your kitchen can quickly turn into an art studio with the right supplies and a young mind full […]