Science in Preschool

The Exciting Potential of Science in Preschool Is there any subject quite as exhilarating as one that encourages creativity, investigation, and hands-on adventures for the entire class to enjoy? That’s right – today we’re talking about science in preschool, and if there’s one thing we understand more than most at Amazing Explorers, it’s just how […]

Why Is Art so Beneficial for Kids?

Art For Kids One of the most appealing things about art for kids is that as a subject, it’s simply so diverse and approachable. With such a broad variety of aspects to art, children of all capabilities can often find themselves engrossed in creating something unique and captivating – without the stigma and challenge of […]

How to Help Your Preschooler with Foundational Reading Skills

Nowadays, learning to read starts before kids enter kindergarten. A major part of this particular development depends on the reading culture of the family. Especially, the fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension aspects of reading which can be taught during everyday activities and play. Here are a few engaging activities you can do to prepare your child […]